conversation Club

Our Students

We have students from many different countries and backgrounds. The method makes it possible for anyone to match the level of the class and follow the classes. Kids, teenagers and adults. The first language of the student is the only factor that will determine their class.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach students a second language through Neurolinguistic Programming. The most modern and efficient method to acquire a second language.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers speak at least two languages. The number one requirement we have is that they must be fluent and know the grammar structure in both languages in order to teach. A teacher that only knows about the language he or she is teaching, does not know the difficulties the student may face when learning another languages.

Spend your time investing in your education!

Classes are 80% of the time developing communication skills. Students are able to make around 100-120 sentences each class.

The design of the class immerses the student to the language daily.

Students are challenged and  pushed out of their comfort zone.

Classes Monday to Friday, in about 8-9 months the student is able to communicate in another language. (intensive classes Monday to Friday)


We offer a variety of classes to suit your need and time. Please contact us for our current schedule and how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Our Teachers are Amazing

We have highly trained staff that is ready to help you learn a new language. They have extensive experience and know the most effective methods to help you advance. 

Choose The Best Class For You

U$ 35 inscription fee

It’s U$ 190 monthly intensive classes (Monday to Friday)

U$ 100 monthly for 2-hour weekly groups

U$ 50/hour private classes

We accept cash, credit card, Venmo and Zelle.


Don't Hesitate To Contact Us If You Have Any Question

We’d love to hear from you. contact us today!